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Andy Pan - Purple Hair and Buzz Cuts - #everydayairizy

Cutting and styling hair is a very hands-on process, I need to touch my client’s head and be close to them. During the height of the pandemic, naturally many people were afraid to cut their hair and since they all worked from home, being neat and tidy wasn’t so important.

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Sony Angel Han - A Life on Zoom #everydayairizy

What has been the biggest impact of Covid 19? My job always required me to travel, it was not uncommon for me to be spending 2 weeks out of the month in a different country. When the pandemic started, everything changed. Suddenly instead of meeting clients half way across the world, I was meeting them through web calls.   Has there been any Silver Lining from this change? While it’s true that I seem glued to my phone and laptop these days, I do enjoy having more time in Hong Kong and dealing with jetlag less. I can finally get to some of the hobbies I've set aside for long time and it has been great staying connected with my...

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