Andy Pan - Purple Hair and Buzz Cuts - #everydayairizy

What has been the biggest impact of Covid 19?

Cutting and styling hair is a very hands-on process, I need to touch my client’s head and be close to them. During the height of the pandemic, naturally many people were afraid to cut their hair and since they all worked from home, being neat and tidy wasn’t so important. Not to mention, you can’t have your hair cut while wearing a mask, so I had to do a lot of reassuring!

Has there been any Silver Lining from this change?

Oddly, with restrictions on travelling, people are looking for different ways to spice up their lives. I have had fun doing an increased number of unique haircuts and hair dyeing styles. Much less tedious than the usual office safe haircuts!

Tell us more about your #everydayairizy

I chit chat with my clients while I am styling their hair, talking about their lives, restaurants, current events, anything really. I have become friends with many of my regulars, so for my #everydayairizy I chose to simply have my name ‘Andy’. I chose Porcelain White and Marble Grey for my colours, as they match best with my salon and personal style.

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