Claire Kwak - Secret Yoga - #everydayairizy

What has been the biggest impact of Covid 19?

Teaching yoga is very hands on. It is important to make sure that my students are in the right posture so that they do not injure themselves. With social distancing, it has become harder to teach, especially over zoom!


Has there been any Silver Lining from this change?

After the lockdown, teaching has opened up again but for limited class sizes. At first, I thought this would be challenging as I am used to teaching 10 people at a time, but I have come to really enjoy these small group or 1-on-1 classes. I can really connect with my students! Additionally, with everyone in Hong Kong, more and more people want to pick up yoga!


Tell us more about your #everydayairizy

I have a day job besides teaching yoga, where I like to wear Sand Taupe with my name on it. When teaching my small group classes, I like a Marble Grey mask to look professional. For my design I have various yoga poses, but my favourite is downward facing dog, it is a great stretch that releases the tension of sitting on a desk all day.

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