Sony Angel Han - A Life on Zoom #everydayairizy

What has been the biggest impact of Covid 19?

My job always required me to travel, it was not uncommon for me to be spending 2 weeks out of the month in a different country. When the pandemic started, everything changed. Suddenly instead of meeting clients half way across the world, I was meeting them through web calls.


Has there been any Silver Lining from this change?

While it’s true that I seem glued to my phone and laptop these days, I do enjoy having more time in Hong Kong and dealing with jetlag less. I can finally get to some of the hobbies I've set aside for long time and it has been great staying connected with my friends.


Tell us more about your #everydayairizy

I chose to keep my mask design simple. I have my initials in a clear and concise font accompanied by a picture of the globe. I stay professional looking, and the globe reminds me of the worldly exposure that came with the tough work, which I always appreciated. My go to colour is Marble Grey, but sometimes I will mix in Denim Blue for a shaper look.

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