Sushi Fresh from Japan - #everydayairizy

What has been the biggest impact of Covid 19?

Well of course, the period of time where restaurants were forced to close at six pm had a big impact, but other than that, imports from Japan have drastically reduced. There was only one plane per day from Japan to Hong Kong and every single Japanese restaurant in town was fighting for space. It was just up to luck whether or not my fresh fish makes it on that plane!

Has there been any Silver Lining from this change?

Well, I hesitate to say this but my lifestyle is healthier. In the past, I had to stay working late serving my clients, as per Japanese tradition we will drink sake together, especially later into the night. Now that restaurants are mandated to close at 10pm, I have less late nights and the amount I drink has drastically dropped. I feel much fresher, clearer headed, and ready to improve my craft.

Tell us more about your #everydayairizy

Our restaurant is called “京” or “Kyo” in English. It means ‘capital’. When Japan moved capital city from Kyoto to Tokyo, the letter “京” stayed, we take inspiration from this as a transition from old to new, while still being steeped in Japanese heritage. I printed it on our masks in marble grey, which is our brand colour, also on Cherry Red as it is strikingly similar to Akami tuna.

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