Helping you with the New Normal

The information surrounding Covid-19 can be daunting. How exactly does a mask work? What is the most likely way to catch Covid-19? When will the pandemic end? All the answers to these questions are out there, but with the internet flooded with outdated, or sometimes misleading information, it is difficult to get a clear picture. Especially after more than a year of Covid-19. This unfortunately is the new normal and it is time to get informed.

At Airizy, we need to know our stuff to ensure our products are safe. The team reads papers, reads news, talk to the experts, but most importantly consults with our founding member and PHD Microbiologist Dr. Syed Shakeel Ahmed. His career working with coronaviruses, culminating in discoveries of novel viruses from bats, makes Dr. Ahmed a wealth of understanding, and the sword of truth to cut through the misinformation.

It is through all this research that we are able to create our flagship product the Airizy Protetra, and now want to share this information with you. Our new blog, written by our team and curated by Dr. Ahmed aims to provide you with short bursts of information keeping you up to date with Covid-19 news and helping you to thrive in this new normal.

This is a new adventure for us and we hope you find our blog helpful. We thank you sincerely for being our customers and for reading our blog. If you have any burning questions, please reach out to us on our socials.