Our New Packaging

At Airizy, we are always seeing how we can improve our products. Thanks to all our customers who helped to fill out our survey, we made one major change. Many of you mention that once the packaging was open, they felt like the masks were now constantly exposed in the environment. While at home, this is ok, if you kept your masks at the office, or any other public place, this is not ideal.


We have changed our packaging to now be resealable, allowing you to keep your masks anywhere you see fit. You can rest knowing that the masks will stay protected from the environment.


Additionally, the topic of Individually packed masks also came up a lot in our survey. While we understand that individually packed masks have their merits, we are concerned of the impact of all the extra plastic. Afterall, if you are taking a mask straight out of the box at home, the plastic wrap serves no purpose and is immediately thrown away.


When we asked what was the appeal of individually packed masks, many replied that they keep them as spare masks in their bags in case they, or anyonelse, needed one suddenly. To fulfill this need, we have created a separate mask pouch, that can hold up to 3 masks.

This pouch is reusable and refillable, allowing you to top up with your own masks when you reach home or the office. It also serves as a convenient place to keep alcohol wipes and swabs. The best part is they come standard with any purchase of our masks, so you do not need to feel guilty passing the entire pouch to anyone in need.

In the future, we plan to add one more mask product to the Airizy Protetra Family. This new product will be a vacuumed packed folded mask that will stay fresh for one day, one week or even one year, allowing you to keep one wherever you need, or to take out on rigorous activities, such as wakeboarding, hiking, rock climbing or even just an outing to ocean park.

We always strive to improve ourselves, and we thank you for being our loyal customers. Stay tuned for our new vacuum packed Airizy Protetra, and in the meantime browse our latest mix and match core Airizy Protetra here.