What makes a mask breathable?

If there is one thing we all hate about masks, is that they are stuffy and hard to breath through, but what qualities makes a mask more breathable? While it is true that the heaviness of the fabric used, as well as the amount of fabric used makes a difference, it is not the determining factor. After all, many people find a KN94 mask more breathable than a standard surgical facemask despite the fact that they use significantly more material!

Air Circulation in a mask

The truth is it has all to do with air flow. Masks with poor sealing on the cheeks, nose and chin areas causes air to leak out and in from these points. Not only does this create a pocket of stagnant air in front of the mouth and nose, it also means that the air you breathe is not passing through the filtration layer!

This is why people usually find KN94 masks comfier, as the mask will properly seal around the mouth and nose, forcing the air to pass through the filtration layer, protecting you as well as ensuring that the air you breath is fresh.

With the Airizy Protetra, we have solved all these problems, bringing breathability of a KN94 to the lightweight and comfy structure of the medical mask.

 Airizy Innovations

We made 4 major design changes to improve breathability.

  1. Upgraded nose strip.

We use a more malleable nose strip to ensure it can wrap around all nose and face shapes ensuring air doesn’t escape through the top of the mask. This also has the added benefit of not fogging up your glasses when wearing a mask!

  1. Middle fold design.

Our middle fold design means that when the mask is used, a large flat surface is in front of the nose and mouth. This allows air to pass in and out without being interrupted by mask folds, much like a KN94.

  1. Face hugging side perforations.

Our special perforations are curved on the mask when flat, but form a strong straight seal when open. This stops air from escaping from the sides of the mask, as well as pushing the middle of the mask outward, forming a small space in front of the mouth and nose.

  1. Increased mask length.

Our masks are about 10% taller than a regular mask, but still folds to the same size. This means that the mask can cover the chin area properly on all face shapes ensuring that no air escapes from the bottom of the mask.

These 4 innovations create our facespace technology, stopping air from stagnating in front of the nose and mouth, ensuring an easy, comfortable and breathable experience.

Shop for the innovative Airizy Protetra here, and even add your own custom designs!