The marriage of two ideas into one goal.

Taking the humble face mask to its final evolution, Airizy has created the ideal everyday mask that is the epitome of both form and function.

Ultimate Comfort

Pouring over 1000's of fabric samples, we picked the softest materials for the most comfortable fit. Paired with our unique side hugging face perforations and enhanced nose strip, we created a mask that is so soft you won't want to take it off.

Limitless Customization

No two people are the same, thus no two masks should be either. With our proprietary print technology, we allow you to truly express yourself through the mask. Your name, initials, logo or anything you want, made to order and delivered straight to your door.

Made in Hong Kong
Fully Certified ASTM Level 3

Our Founding Story

It all started with Jason Yau, Head engineer of Airizy. Dissatisfied with the mask offerings on the market. With his extensive supply side connections and inventive ingenuity, he redesigned the mask from the ground up into Hong Kong’s most comfortable mask, the Airizy Protetra.

From there, he met Harold Mollison, fresh from his biotech start-up, he was itching for a new project. Upon wearing the Airizy Protetra, he felt obliged to offer such a quality product to the public. However, he realised one thing was missing, customization.

Working together with Jason, this dynamic duo created the world’s first low order customizable mask production line. Ready to offer everyone in the world a safe and comfortable way to express themselves.

Finally, with the help of their long-time friend, Dr. Syed Shakeel Ahmed, the business set up. Leveraging on Dr. Ahmed’s knowledge and expertise from being a leading scientist in the field of corona viruses, a cleanroom was built, practises were scrutinised and methodology instilled to create a clean ASTM level 3 mask.

Thus, Airizy was born.
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