Cleanliness is our top priority

We consult with Hong Kong’s best microbiology scientists to make sure our cleanroom production facility ensures a safe product.

Fully ISO Certified Cleanroom

Our production facility was constructed under the specifications of our scientist co-founder and PHD microbiologist. Thanks to his input, our cleanroom is ISO certified for mask production.

Stringent Staff Cleanliness Protocols

All staff when entering our production cleanroom have to first pass through an air shower to remove any loose particles. Afterwards full PPE, including gowns, hairnets, masks, gloves and shoes have to be worn at all times.

Rigorous Cleaning Procedures

UV disinfectant lights sanitize each layer of fabric as it enters the production machine to ensure a clean mask. Every night, the entire cleanroom facility is also disinfected by UV light.

Nothing leaves until sealed

All production is handled within the cleanroom. From mask production to bagging and packaging, nothing leaves the cleanroom until it is properly sealed.
For more information, or to see a copy of our certificates, please leave us a message below:

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