OCAT - Protect and Give!
OCAT - Protect and Give!

OCAT - Protect and Give!

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Protect yourself from deadly space viruses while you journey to the moon!

These custom OCAT masks are ASTM Level 3 and can only be purchased with OCAT!

How to Purchase:

1. Checkout and place your delivery details through the system.

2. You will receive an email confirming your order and an updated OCAT price that will be valid for 12 hours.

The price will be calculated as 45USDT converted to OCAT at the rate listed on BKEX Exchange (OCAT:USDT) minus the gas needed for transfer.

Shipping is free

3. Once the transfer is confirmed to our binance wallet (address provided in email) Your masks will be shipped to your address with tracking provided.

4. Breath easy and enjoy your OCAT masks!